No beauty at animal expenses

No beauty at animal expenses
Qamaré skin care products do not contain any animal or animal by-products.
Ingredients like for example:
· Beeswax, Honey
· Glycogen
· Porks derivatives like gelatin or allantoin
· Milk
· Lanolin,…

are totally excluded from Qamaré skin care products. And this exclusion doesn’t restrict us by designing very effective high end formulas, since trendy active ingredients like hyaluronic acid or squalane can be biotechnologically extracted from plants. But we do not limit ourselves to the formulation of our skin care products.

Respect for nature also means that our products are formulated completely without animal testing. If animal testing is banned in Europe since 2013, it is unfortunately not the case everywhere else, since some countries like for example China still require animal testing for registration.

We therefore will not enter this kind of markets since we want to guarantee 100% cruelty free skin care. Beauty at nature expenses is not an option.
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