Qamaré is committed to “responsible” cosmetics, in other words respectful of humans and the environment.

Respect women’s Skin
Women’s trust is an essential priority for Qamaré. All too often, analysis of cosmetic products available on the market reveals the presence of substances that are dangerous or harmful for health. Therefore, in our constant search for the most effective formulas, we pay meticulous attention to the safety and excellence of our formulations. Tested under dermatological control, all our products meet the highest expectations.

Respect nature
Glorifying beauty at the expense of nature is not an acceptable solution for Qamaré. For this reason Qamaré addresses questions of biodiversity and its environmental footprint at the very heart of its economic activities. When choosing raw materials and packaging materials, we favour organic products or products manufactured in a sustainable way. Although not explicitly stated, almost all our packaging is FSC certified.

Respect life
Every year, Qamaré invests at least 2.5% of its turnover to charitable and social organisations in support of projects to help children in need.